Angry at all the other covers of stricken, orangeman set out on a quest to do a good cover of this song. Armed with musicman1066’s *new* LTD MH-1000, he played until the cows came home.

He transcribed this song entirely by ear, as the tabs available are atrocious, and I do not have any for it at this present time.

*Due to the misplacement of orangeman’s former mask, orangeman is using a more depressed version of musicman’s main mask, with a new bling bling hat*

Please check out my website before you ask me for tabs, thanks. It has stuff on my playing history, effect pedals, guitar ect.

© Reprise Records WMG 2005

I do not claim any of the background music in this video, it is the property of Disturbed & the record companies listed above, thank you.

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Banks4004 says:

stahp it. this guy killed it. its disturbed who cares

Adam Mcgoldrick says:

Yo bro did you dye your hair? I recall you being a red head 

Luis. R says:

cuanto te costo la guitarra ??

Isack Meris says:

his brother very good sound, which is the model of your guitar ???

Matty Myrick says:

You really should work on your accuracy and tight playing. 

Other than that, good execution and whatnot.

mario sunshine says:

when i first started playing guitar i was impressed but now not so much u missed up a little but still a good cover all around 

Matthew Best says:

Are you saying real guitar because there were a lot of GH covers?

Stefano Lazo says:

rly good sir

MeXiCaNSpArTaNs says:

2014 and still watching this cover LOL

Paschalis Sakellaropoulos says:

This was an amazing and epic cover! m/

fuckyoufuckindouche says:

so many views and it's far from perfect, I could do better. i'll learn it and put up a cover within the month

ralorox says:

where's orangeman??

Dom “You're Welcome” Brown says:

I'm glad you put real guitar in the title, cuz for a minute there I thought it was one of those fake one's going round…

David Adan says:

Still 2014 and Finn doesnt take his mask off x D. You're the best, man.

Tamás Seres says:

Very nice cover! No need to be shy.:)

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