Into the abyss with my mom – Check out Elison’s band! – All about Elison Cruz

Disturbed Song Pack II – $11.99

Disturbed “Indestructible” – Drop C
Disturbed “Inside The Fire” – Drop C
Disturbed “The Night” – Drop C
Disturbed “Stricken” – Drop C
Disturbed “Ten Thousand Fists” – Eb Drop Db

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Ryan “Hunterr” Busst says:

I like disturbed, and these songs, but Ubi have made this pack sound like shit

Flying Eagles says:

Stricken, my favorite disturbed's song

m00t says:

Into the abyss with the runs

Shadow Lombax117 says:

Lol I thought I was the only one that thought he said "into the abyss with my mom."

RockBandAddict666 says:

That 5-10 chord. Fucking ouch! I thought the GYO & GRO chords in GH5 were painful enough!

jason4275 says:

That's my favorite disturb song.

BPBSniper says:

I've never been so excited for a DLC

akaitsuki99 says:

"Raise your mastery of this song to 1%" LOL

CyanFunk says:

Those chords are suffering incarnate.

Alexis Santos says:


xYusuke23x says:

Remember when people complained about their hands cramping when playing the chords on guitar hero 3 cuz they stretched too far?

lol that last chorus

Rockmusiq_yea90 says:

I use to remember how much this song pissed me off on guitar hero

The Great Citizens says:

SUPER AWESOME! Hey RR, check out my recent cover of this on my channel, it's one of my best metal covers and i know you'll enjoy it! Plus, I get to see these guys non Saturday and I'm super excited! Anyway, awesome job, cheers!

joe thiziznotreal says:

oh fuck this is one of the first songs i learned, good memories

Doomguy says:

Well done sir

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